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Sketchbook Update, 8/25/2011


Sports Bra: Before or after the working of out?Sports Bra: Before or after the working of out?

Headphones: ♪ ♪ ♪Headphones: ♪ ♪ ♪

Colleen looking back: "Oh, hey, how's it going?"Colleen looking back: "Oh, hey, how's it going?"


Sketchbook Update, 8/24/2011

More sketches!

Pretty Fox: &#60;takei&gt;Oh, my...&#60;/takei&gt;Pretty Fox: <takei>Oh, my...</takei>

Holding Her Tail: Roxanne, holding her tail.  I just love this one.Holding Her Tail: Roxanne, holding her tail. I just love this one.

Rox Reading: Reading what? I don't know, this time at least.Rox Reading: Reading what? I don't know, this time at least.


Sketchbook Update, 8/23/2011


Colleen, Head On: Engaged in friendly conversation? With you perhaps?Colleen, Head On: Engaged in friendly conversation? With you perhaps?

Rox and Colleen: Trying drawing two characters together. Need practice.Rox and Colleen: Trying drawing two characters together. Need practice.

Colleen on the CouchColleen on the Couch


Sketchbook Update

Finally updating the site. Stay tuned, as updates come in day after exciting day!

Airline Fox: Getting ready for her shift?Airline Fox: Getting ready for her shift?

Winking Rox: *wink*!Winking Rox: *wink*!

Rox Drinking Coffee: I think I might spend too much time at drinking coffee...Rox Drinking Coffee: I think I might spend too much time at drinking coffee...


Sketchbook Update 4/27/08

Before the sketches, some site news: not only is this finally an update, but I'm starting to organize the site more as I add more works. For now, only the Sketchbook is organized into categories, but you can reach them by clicking on the Sketchbook menu item on the left.

These were drawn during the latest Central Park Sketch Meetup from Some I really like, others, eh. But isn't that always the case.

Sorry I've been bad about this. I have other sketches, I promise I'll get around to scanning and posting them soon.

(Magic) Tree: A tree along one of the shady paths, in full bloom.(Magic) Tree: A tree along one of the shady paths, in full bloom.

Arboretum: View of/from the Arboretum.Arboretum: View of/from the Arboretum.

Sculpture / fountain: A sketch of the sculpture in the south garden's pond.Sculpture / fountain: A sketch of the sculpture in the south garden's pond.

More below.


An Unfortunate Captcha...

While I am eternally grateful for all the unsolicited advertisment on this site, I felt my cut wasn't big enough. So I've institued a Captcha on posting comments and/or registering as a user. But! If you register, you won't need to use said Captchas. Hey! A reason for registering, besides getting to have a cool icon next to your posts. Cool icon not included. Offer void in Utah.

Anyway, I've just spent a good bit of time deleting all the spam I could find; if I've accidently deleted your precious comment, it was accidental! (Maybe mentioning prescription drugs in your comment titles was a bad idea...) Feel free to repost them, if you can remember them. Or whatever. Also, let me know if you have trouble with the Captcha system. It seems to have some problems when you preview a post, but certainly works to actually post it.

And to anyone who tried to buy prescription drugs or get a work-from-home job here I, um, I... I... I don't really know what to say. Why in the hell would someone by Xanax illegally from a poorly written ad, anway?

Anyway III, let's hope this works. ::crosses fingers::


::Hangs head in shame at having written "Out." at the end of a blog post::


So just how many days are left?

Here's a somewhat useful quick little script I wrote up. I think it's pretty self explanatory:

  • -3870 days until Pitchers & Catchers report.
  • -3825 days until Opening Day.

  • Pretty nifty, eh? Well, it's something! :-P. Practising my mad PHP skillz. Anyway, that's a real time count, and you can always access it at, or you can always access the counter on the menu to your left. At least until the season starts.



    Sketchbook Update (...or, how can you update something that doesn't exist...)

    New section: Sketchbook. Perhaps I felt that the catagory Drawings was too broad. Or something. So here is a new catagory of really, really misc sketches, some inked, some not, almost none cleaned up at all. Raw and low resolution. Yay!

    That out of the way, the first update:

    So, there you go. Ever get the feeling I'm bored with writing in these textboxes? Right on!

    Oh, and just because there wasn't a site update to let you notice the new quote section... well, there isn't one. I mean, a site update page thing. But there is a section. So there.

    Ack! So, so out of my mind! Save me!

    Yes, that's all you get for reading all this message. Sorry :-(



    Gah, sorry for the lack of updates; it's taken me a goddamn week to figure out how to post multiple images in a Drupal post. No, it shouldn't be that hard... but every freakin' thing I try seems to either break or make it twice as hard to do what I want to. Anyway's, I've finally figured it out, I think.

    So, to initiate it, here are some Sasha's from my sketchbook:


    Welcome to the new!

    Well, it's been a long, frustrating, anoying time, but I'm finally ready (well, sort of) to say "Welcome!" Not sort of welcome, you're really welcome, well except for you, but you know who you are; I mean sort of ready. Anyways, the majesty before you is the new! What? Yes, this is it! Stop snickering there in the back!

    ::grabs chair, and runs to the back of the room::

    ::loud banging noises ensue::

    ::returns slightly disheveled::

    Sorry about that. Anyway, on to the site at hand. What exactly is What is a subway fox? Why .net? What is with that color yellow? Good questions all. So, here are the quick answers:

    1. A URL.
    2. A fox in the subway. Duh.
    3. Becuase .net sounds cooler. ::sticks tounge out::
    4. Subwayfox yellow? Does this question need an answer?

    No, in all seriousness, this is a place for me, Blair (aka The Author, the webmaster, the fox, foxy, fatso, that jerk, moron, not-so-funny person, video games, or double cheeseburger, amongst others), to share my goings on. (I wanted to add: "...with You (aka You)," but really, this site is collaborative. Or at least as collaborative as I say it is, Bwahahahahaha!!!!). The naviagtion bar lists a whole bunch of stuff that you can see, comment on, etc. Poke around, it's fun.

    Right now there isn't a ton of content, but if I waited until there was, I would've waited forever to put this site up and probably never even made a lot of content (Yes, that is a bad thing, you!). So, it'll go up as I find the time. Almost all new things to the site will show up on the front page as well, and if you're interested, click on your RSS feed button to add this site, which will keep you abreast (or at least achest, for the flat-ones amongst us) of updates. What kind of stuff will be here? The stuff going on in my life; the stuff I'm working on and want to share, huzzahs for my friends and insults to my enemies, that sort of stuff. So stayed tuned, or whatever.

    I mentioned collaboration, so here is some stuff that you can do right now. Yes, that's right, right now. First and foremost, anyone can leave comments. Try it out! Also, don't hesistate to make an account- amongst other things, it lets you upload a nifty picture to put next to your comments. Occasionaly, there will be polls and stuff (Hey, there's one of them now!). Also, a (at least sort of) cool idea is the Collabarative High Scores page. Check out details in the High Scores section. Which one of us is teh best? Who has teh most esoteric game for us to try? Well, go on over there to find out, I suppose. Also, if you have content that you think would go good here, don't hesistate to let me know. I'll stick it on up.

    So anyway, in short (hah!, too late for that), this is "A website about nothing at all, so don't get excited"; "Updated at least twice a month... usually"; "(insert slogan here)"; or, as I like to some it all up, "Bah. Whatever." That's this site's mantra, and I'm sticking to it.

    In conclusion, this concludes my welcome speach. Any comments? Suggestions? Problems? Thinly-veiled insults? Feel free to shout out! (Then, you might want to type it into the comment box, so the rest of us can see it).

    Also be sure to check out the Copyright Information page. Everything on this site is copy-lefted, with only some rights reserved, so check it out, and please, if you're using or citing something from this site, let me know, I'd love to see it!

    Happy subway foxing! (subway foxing? subway-foxing? foxing-subways? subwaying with foxes?'ing?)