I did it!

Today is Veteran's Day / Armistice day, a day I know today is usually to celebrate peace. But this day, it was slightly different: I finally did it, did what many have thought almost impossible. I had to leave my NES on for almost 2 weeks, but finally, on 11-11-11, at 3:23 PM, I beat Ninja Gaiden. Huzzah! A game even the AVGN couldn't beat (at least in his tribute review)!

Every time I close my eyes, I still see all of Act VI in my head. You must replay it So. Many. Times. Gah, stupid eagles and monkeys!

I know I'm hardly the first, and that the first game is no Ninja Gaiden III, but dammit, I'm happy with myself right now. Perseverance works! (Should I say that procrastination works? Either way, the little red light on the NES almost seemed to be taunting me every night as I went to sleep...)

Photos of the moment below. Sorry for the cell phone pics of a TV, but I had to grab my phone (the closest thing to me) to record this moment.

And now the NES is off for a well deserved rest; it did me proud, never glitched once. And then, after a break, I can finally play some other games. Once again, huzzah!

Edited to add: And see you next!




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Mystery solved

So that's why you haven't been picking up your phone . . .